Two Year Acting Program: Xandra Leigh Parker

If it concerns the Meisner technique, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is regarded by many to be the most professional and most respected actor training program in the United States.

Two Year Acting Program - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 02
Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Philadelphia 02

I think it’s turned out great. I get a lot of time in class. I get to work on all different thing. I get to use everybody. You get to really know everyone and it turns into a very comfortable environment due to this, also it gives you the freedom to do things you did not know you’re prepared or capable to do. I believe that it’s worked out really wonderfully for me.

I believe that is the importance of the two-year program, is that Charlie, especially, will have to know you quite well and be able to dig in there and work with you personally as you gradually lose the blocks that you have. I think that it’s important because it is such a very long program that you get to get those things for this, I figure. Absolutely. I am starting to feel what Charlie’s talking about until he’s going to say it, so I think that it’s starting to drop away, which is really wonderful. I believe to what they needing to operate on each individual’s critiques are completely tailored by him. Amazing. It’s like I have a family a little bit. Everybody supportive of one another in class and out, and we hold each other accountable and push each other. I think that it’s an environment because of how.

And you’re registered in the professional actor training program, how can you believe, taking each one of the auxiliary classes, you’re only on your first year, however how do you find that currently profiting you in the acting class?

Immensely, not even only in my acting classes but also in life, because I’m carrying lots of the self-wellness classes also. I think that matters had a good grasp on, it’s incredible how much I have instituted that at the rest of my life and just how much I did not know. I believe the whole program builds on itself well. I’m not even sure how to say that. I think that they all slowly assist the acting program till you are about halfway through and you begin to see all of the little things.

You’d worked formerly before you came in here, what finally made you choose to come and study and commit to the program, take out time in livelihood and really devote to training?

I felt like I did not have a solid method of working yet. I had bits, but I didn’t have a good foundation to being able to go in and do my very best work. When I had been doing fantastic work, it had been out of chance rather than out of training. I think that the choice was by far the best one. I’ve seen how I would have approached characters before much otherwise and almost wish I could go back and do it again. I also think that my life experience with all the training program has been beneficial for me, I’m glad I am hitting it in this time, definitely.

How can you believe both Charlie and your classmates have helped you increase your standard for yourself? What you are willing to devote to the project you’re working on, the functions you are growing, how have they helped you raise your standard?

As soon as you have one of these classes which you are feeling completely hastened, you would like it more and more and more. It’s almost like you want yourself. It’s not a competition with your classmates, however you want to be certain that you’re constantly pushing and constantly striving to do something which scares you because that atmosphere is un-fakeable, I believe, and has been some of the scariest classes but also the best things that I was scared to do so, even to strategy for a subject, have been monumentally helpful.

meisner technique two year acting program xandra leigh parker 03
Meisner Technique Two Year Acting Program – Xandra Leigh Parker

And compared to other areas you’ve researched or taken classes, just how do they compare to Maggie Flanigan Studio?

The dedication is different. Everybody here who I have worked with is here for the correct reasons. They want this. They are eager to work for this, and that’s just unlike a great deal of studios I was in. The proportion of men and women who are there for the correct motives, who are really here in order to train to be a real artist, to make choices that are courageous and bold and to take it. I believe that is a major difference. And you feel safe here in order to try that stuff.

How have Charlie and the other educators in Maggie Flanigan Studio supported your individual growth?

I think it’s very individual. I really feel as if I have a relationship. They instruct each pupil to what they need differently. I believe it individualized, and I think that’s my favourite thing about it. My relationship with my teachers is different than another student’s, and that is how it should be.

What could you say to someone that’s possibly a buddy that has been working in the business for some time but hasn’t really committed to training or they feel like they’re stuck or perhaps somebody you’ve just met at a workshop and they’re maybe toying or considering committing to a two-year program especially, maybe not your learning in studio?

I would say, going back to school is a very difficult decision for me because I had been worried that I was taking a step back again. But at exactly the same time, I felt like I didn’t have the principles and at least in the beginning of the year no matter how frustrating the principles are, and they definitely were, I think that it’s constructed a much more solid base for myself to try frightening things, and I think that’s the thing I would say to individuals that are thinking about doing this. If you don’t have a good base, how can you build a profession? So I’d say, “Surely. Jump in and get it done.” This is the place for me.

Well, you’re finishing up your first year right now and you’re likely to be heading to the next year at the fall, are you really excited? How do you feel about that?

I am quite excited. We’ve gotten tidbits that everything hasn’t been given by years away, but I am really eager to try each of the things that we keep shoving and keep pushing and keep hearing whispers around. Yes, I’m very excited for the year.

So, Xandra, a couple pupils who you started the first year with, in September, is no more here, what does this say about the program, the passion, and the dedication it takes to become a significant actor?

I believe this program targets artistry, first and foremost, and taking opportunities, but it also focuses on work ethic. There is a lot demanded of you and many of it’s on yourself. And, needless to say, the classes require that you construct on it, but then you are not doing anything, if you are not working for yourself. I think that this program thus far has also coached me to drive, and push, and push and constantly work hard. Charlie cautioned us that that was it is just to work as quickly as you can. And he was correct. I don’t think I have ever worked as hard in a program before, and I am very glad that I’m.

Two Year Acting Program - Meisner Studio Philadelphia 01
Two Year Acting Program – Meisner Studio Philadelphia 01

And what could you say to a fellow actor who’s out there auditioning, maybe not reserving, they are working and wish to be booking, that’s fearful that training will take away their authenticity, or put them inside their head, or eliminate what makes them special. That coming to a program like this would get in the manner that. What would you say to them?

I believe that this program can help you research your identity. It Kind of illuminates it, if anything. I’ve found a lot more about myself and my own issues with acting or blocks that I’ve given myself my stress and what that means for me personally. I believe that it helps you open up your individuality over anything else. You have a clearer idea of who you are what you think, and as a individual, and what you strike. I believe, it is the opposite if anything else.

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