Meisner Technique New Jersey

Meisner Technique New Jersey is proud to provide professional actor training based on the work of Sanford Meisner. The classes at the studio are ideal for students from the Montclair State University, as well as actors and students from these Montclair and surrounding New Jersey areas:

Our Studio Philosophy

The studio was founded by Maggie Flanigan in 2001 to fill what she saw as a substantial gap in American actor training. Our studio is rooted in the belief that a rigorous and inspiring conservatory-based training program should remain small, intimate, and nurture while challenging students to meet the highest professional expectations. MFS started with Maggie’s reputation as the clearest and most definitive teacher of Sanford Meisner’s technique and has evolved over the last 15 years into the most respected professional actor training program in the United States.

Professional Training Includes Integrity

Lead now by Charlie Sandlan, the Maggie Flanigan Studio has assembled an exceptional faculty with the experience and integrity to carry Maggie’s vision and high standards to a new generation of aspiring artists. Our conservatory program has one goal: to produce a complete artist; actors who possess the skill, craft, and education necessary to work well into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. We accomplish this with a curriculum that goes beyond the acting class. Movement, Voice & Speech, Theater History, Film History, Anatomy For Actors, Script Analysis, Film & TV, Monologue, Shakespeare, and Cold Reading develop actors who can compete with those graduating from the top MFA programs in the country. And our Business Class, led by the Emmy-nominated producer (HBO documentary Casting By), casting director, and actor Kate Lacey prepare our actors for the professional expectations of the business.

Talented Actors Need Technique

Talent is important, but it is not nearly enough. To build a successful career, the best artists in all mediums have a solid technique that becomes second nature and serves as the floorboard for their talent. It’s this belief that has given the Maggie Flanigan Studio the reputation for producing well-trained, professional actors who can craft a role. Trained actors know how to create rich, organic, and experiential behavior, consistently. But equally important, our actors also possess a strong work ethic, an inviolate sense of truth, and a passion for the art of acting: qualities we believe to be essential for a successful and respected acting career.

Montclair, New Jersey Arts, and Culture

If you are looking for an ideal place where you can learn and at the same time explore exotic culture, Montclair New Jersey is the place to be. The residents of this vibrant town are full of life and don’t shy away from displaying their cultural beliefs and values. Montclair is a funky urban suburb that will satisfy the curiosity of any art lover. Apart from the people, the buildings and other major facilities also exhibit some elements of art. In this article, we are going to explore the artistic and cultural side of New Jersey.

Experienced artists and those that are aspiring to make a breakthrough in arts find New Jersey to be an ideal place to be. It gives them a perfect environment to put their creativity into practice and explore it to the fullest. The town hosts a unique group of artists, writers, and even musicians. All these groups utilize the power of art to convey their message more effectively. One of the main driving forces of arts is sharing. Given that the town is home to many people who are keen on art, they can easily meet and share valuable information
about the subject.

The Culture of Montclair

The Culture of Montclair
Montclair is usually considered as the cultural hub of New Jersey. It plays host to a big population of diverse culture. The residents have different cultural beliefs and practices. This situation provides a perfect environment for one to learn about other people’s culture and way of life. Despite the diverse nature, the residents of this suburb are always open to interact and exchange information about their way of living. In other words, they co-exist in harmony and appreciate each other’s cultural beliefs and practices.

The unique culture of NJ is not only evident through the people, but also the buildings. Its landscape is a combination of ancient architecture and modern designs. When it comes to residential areas, homes exhibit a sense of modest and stylish finishing. The best thing about this area is that you can easily get a modest home that suits your lifestyle.

The streets are lined with trees that provide a perfect environment to hike or cycle around. They are also full of eateries that serve food from different cultures in the world. This means that your taste buds will definitely be excited while in Montclair.

Montclair Art Museum

To understand the true artistic nature and history of Montclair, New Jersey, take a visit to the Montclair, Art Museum. This is the area’s cultural center that engages both the local and international communities through its unique collection of American exhibitions, arts and a wide range of educational programs. The museum, which has a rich history, aims at satisfying the needs of the locals as well as the international visitors. It recognizes the importance of art in the society, and that is why it deploys both diverse and innovative techniques to impart knowledge to a bigger audience.

Montclair Historical Society

The Montclair Historical Society is tasked with maintaining major historic houses such as the Israel Crane, Charles Schultz House, and the Nathaniel Crane Houses. The society also offers some school programs, cooking classes and organizes special events. Its primary goal is to promote and preserve the local culture and history. The organization’s offices are located in the Clark House, which is also the home of Albert Payson Terhune Library. Some of the other art centers that you can also pay a visit include the Montclair Arts Council, 4th Wall Theatre, Wellmont Theatre, and the Studio Montclair.

Montclair State University

Montclair State University runs a good number of programs, both for the campus students and the neighboring community. On several occasions, the university’s mega Alexander Kasser Theatre hosts various world-class functions. MFA and George Segal galleries located in the university houses magical exhibitions done by different renowned artists.

The department of theatre and dance falls under the college of the Arts. In this department, there are 3 degrees, 12 majors, minors, certifications and concentrations which are offered at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In these programs, students produce, direct and perform several projects. They get the necessary knowledge and skills needed outside the school environment. It’s no doubt that through its programs and state-of-art facilities, Montclair State University easily blends with the art and culture of Montclair NJ.