It is important to understand however, that one cannot become a fully trained actor and artist in six weeks. It is not possible. Those that say otherwise are either lying or incredibly misinformed.

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We are committed to the belief that acting, at its best, is a creative art.


The Meisner Summer Intensive is a six-week, 18 class acting program that provides students the opportunity to get the beginning third of Meisner’s first year of Meisner Technique training. There are many summer intensive programs that actors can choose from. What distinguishes the Maggie Flanigan Studio is our belief that a brief summer course can actually teach and provide something of value. A great deal can be gained with six weeks of hard, dedicated work.

meisner technique summer classesOur Meisner Technique summer session approaches class with the same high standards expected of our conservatory students. Twelve classes are dedicated to establishing a better understanding of the Meisner Technique fundamentals, while also teaching our students the importance of simple, specific, and personal crafting. The last two weeks will be spent applying this work to scenes. Although six weeks is an incredibly short time, we will still challenge our students to discover the freedom and originality that comes from truly breaking free from the issues that plague untrained, hack actors: adjusting to the text, general crafting, waiting for cues, line readings, and an inability to listen or work in a free and spontaneous way.



The program was created for students who have completed or are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

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The summer program was created to provide currently enrolled, or those who have completed their undergraduate degree with an understanding about the real professional training necessary to be a serious actor and artist. Most undergraduates understand they still don’t yet possess the craft and technique necessary. This ultimately requires 2-3 years of immersive training. In our Meisner Summer Intensive, the student-actor will come away knowing what professional actor training is, why the Meisner Technique is the healthiest, most creative way to train organic actors.


Actors who thrive in small studio classes with other students who are serious and committed, should register for this program.

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An undergraduate theater department is dominated by students who are merely curious about acting, trying to get an easy A, or just plain lazy. If you are passionate about acting and know that a life without it would be soul crushing, then you have been longing for a place that will surround you with like-minded people. We accept 14-18 students per class and there are only three classes. Charlie Sandlan interviews everyone personally and has built the studio’s reputation by only accepting passionate, hard working students.


Ambitious actors who want to spend their summer doing something substantial and challenging should attend this program.

It’s daunting to sift through the dozens and dozens of acting classes in NYC. So many claim to offer something of real value. If you are reading this, then you are trying not to make a bad choice. Our Six-Week Meisner Intensive is not for those looking to merely have some summer fun playing theater games and getting told that what you are doing is good. You had enough of that in high school and college. If you are serious, then you are craving constructive criticism, craving the challenge of artistic struggle, and hoping to find a place with an incredibly high standard for you to strive to meet. This studio and the training of Charlie Sandlan and his faculty will give that to you. What you attain from hard work, no one can ever take away.

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